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David J Kroll

My take on the drugs we take

After 20+ years in the lab searching for drugs from nature, I'm freelance writing about drugs and science for general audiences. I'm also an expert media source on pharma and drug safety.

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Ebola response incident management center nigeria article

An Ebola Outbreak Contained: What U.S. And Other Nations Can Learn From Nigeria

An Ebola Outbreak Contained: What U.S. And Other Na...

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New Rules For Hydrocodone: What You Should Know

On October 6, hydrocodone combination products will move to a more restricted prescription class. Here's how you can prepare.

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Enterovirus D68 And Influenza Far More Dangerous Than Ebola In The U.S.

Among the many infectious diseases that are harming more Americans than Ebola is enterovirus D68 and the annual outbreak of influenza.

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Ebola Outbreak Fears: Will Any Drugs Work?

Several drugs are in development, thanks to federal biodefense funding. But are they ready to help for this outbreak?

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The Henrietta Lacks Genome: Consent, Trust, and Common Decency

The author and his Ph.D. dissertation with Dr. Roland Pattillo at the newly-dedicated gravestone for Henrietta Lacks, Clover, VA, 29 May 2010. Hasn't the family of Henrietta Lacks suffered enough? A poor African-American tobacco farmer from southern Virginia who later moved with family to the Baltimore area for World War...


Jenny McCarthy Is A Dangerous Example of Medical Celebrity

Even a Nobel laureate recognizes the limits of their expertise. Not a Playboy Playmate. It's Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz, Duke University Medical Center, 2012 Nobel laureate in chemistry. (Photo credit: D.L. Anderson/INDY Week) Earlier this year, I had a cover story in INDY Week, the Research Triangle area alt-weekly, on...

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Top 10 Reasons Being A University Professor Is A Stressful Job

Johns Hopkins University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Being a university professor is in no way the least stressful job for 2013. In fact, 2013 is likely to be one of the worst years to be a university professor. But many pixels are being spent across the Forbes.com platform at the site...

Open uri20140729 14094 2z65jv article

Drug From Sea Creature Proves Promising Against Ovarian Cancer

Harvesting the ocean's pharmacopeia, Madrid-based PharmaMar appears to have a winner with lurbinectedin, a molecule derived from a Caribbean sea squirt....

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Serious Warning On Prescription Lidocaine For Teething Pain; Also ...

Serious Warning On Prescription Lidocaine For Teeth...

Open uri20140729 14094 1cqub9v article

The McDonnell Scandal: What's The Dope Behind Star Scientific Supplement Products?

A federal corruption probe involving a prominent U.S. governor and his wife over potential gifts from a wealthy CEO of a dietary supplement company? So what do I find most interesting? What's in those supplements that facilitated the CEO's wealth? Last week, former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell and his...

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Will The Supreme Court's Contraceptive Decision Affect Coverage Of Other Drugs?

Other religious groups are opposed to a wide spectrum of other medical approaches, from blood transfusions and vaccinations to antidepressants and drug excipients from pigs. Does today's decision open the floodgates for selective exemptions from other coverage?...

Open uri20140729 14094 e0fp2t article

Is It Time For Scientist Activism Against GMO Fear-Mongering?

An ultralight helicopter hovers above a field where Greenpeace activists and Austrian organic farming association BIO AUSTRIA wrote the message 'NO GMO' by planting light green colored organic buckwheat in a field of organic peas on October 9, 2008 in Breitenfurt, some 60 Kilometers south east from Vienna. (Image credit:...

Open uri20140729 14094 eqkyir article

Vaccine Refusal Myths Drive Up Development Costs, Prices

Elisabeth Rosenthal, M.D., continues her New York Times series on the U.S. healthcare cost crisis. In her examination of soaring vaccine costs, she cites the required increases in clinical trial sizes as a highly-influential factor in vaccine development....

Open uri20140729 14094 7wjjkx article

Unplanned Pregnancy Risk With St. John's Wort

The British drug regulatory agency issued a warning on the potential for unplanned pregnancies in women with contraceptive implants who have also taken the antidepressant herbal supplement, St. John's wort. Some claim this is old news but these cases are brand new. These cases illustrate how herb-drug interactions can have...

Open uri20140729 14094 me85qj article

U.S. Criminalizes Designer Drugs | August 27, 2012 Issue - Vol. 90 ...

Aug 27, 2012 ... By passing this legislation, Congress is “trying to prevent a whack-a-mole approach to drug enforcement,” says David J. Kroll, a natural ......